Producer/CEO 432ZEN

Fabian ‘R-CANE’ Schlosser is a Dutch creative with a passion for creating music, film, and art.

The diversity of his skills allows him to maintain a constant source of inspiration and the advantage of combining them. The covers of the Inner Worlds sessions display the artworks he creates under the name Fabian9.
As a producer, composer he has been active since 1993 and worked with artists and his projects. His music is featured in Hollywood productions, documentaries TV series, commercials, and corporate videos.

The tragic loss of his girlfriend brought a lot of stress to figure out how to handle the grievance. Instead of medication, he wanted to try soothing music for stress relief. Because there was hardly any effective music he started creating it himself. He discovered 432Hz tuning during this process that made everything a lot more effective.

His mission is to provide the soundtrack for our daily relaxation that’s soothing and inspiring at the same time.

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