432ZEN Stress Reduction Method™
Imagine less stress in your life …
Wake up in a relaxed manner and start your day off right.
No more tossing and worrying in the evening and relax before you fall asleep.
That is the result of the 432ZEN Stress Reduction Method ™!

What is it exactly?
It is a form of music therapy, an effective scientifically proven method that is successfully used worldwide, combined with imagination. The method consists of a 15-minute session to wake up to, and a 15-minute session before sleeping. All you have to do is download the session to your phone as an MP3 file and listen to it with headphones/earphones while lying on the bed with your eyes closed. While listening, you let the music take you to the inner worlds you visit in your mind. You will notice the more you do it, the easier it becomes and even feels like a pleasantly warm bath of sound. Your body relaxes and by doing this daily you train your brain to go into relax mode which makes it a habit.

How it started
Our composer/producer R-CANE explains: “Chronic stress is something that plays a role in everyone’s life. It is a pattern that imposes on a conscious and subconscious level. High work pressure, hectic life, expectations, financial stress, grief processing, performance drive, relationship problems, are all things that we deal with to some extent.

In my case, it was the grief of my girlfriend in 2011 with whom I had made wedding plans. I was worrying for hours at night and had trouble falling asleep. Waking up after a few hours of sleep doesn’t feel great either. If you do that for a long time in a row your resistance decreases and you are susceptible to colds, flu, etc. I started looking online for soothing music but I couldn’t find anything that worked really well. This prompted me to experiment with music and sounds that made me feel calm. In the morning this worked just fine but in the evening I was still worrying. My head was not calm enough to go into relax mode. After weeks of testing, I suddenly found the solution. I had incorporated an element into the music in such a way that it became almost impossible to worry because your brain wants to keep following it. In the following months, I experimented with sounds and chords that induce sleepiness. This was good enough for me, but when I came into contact with the phenomenon of 432Hz tuning, it opened my eyes and especially my ears. The calming effect had become noticeably stronger. ”

The image below shows the vibrations of frequencies on the surface of water.


“As I mentioned earlier, chronic stress is a pattern. By incorporating two short 15-minute relaxation sessions into my daily life pattern, I managed to lower my own general stress level, making everything better. Investing in relaxation 15 minutes a day twice has brought me more than a lower stress level and better resistance. Getting used to visualizing helps me come up with new concepts because I can already imagine them in my mind. It also saves time because you are much more efficient when you work relaxed. The positive feeling that you get from it also provides a problem solving mind so that you can work on things that also cause the stress. My mission is to help people reduce chronic stress through this method. I make new music every day so that there will soon be enough sessions to alternate. The sessions are called Inner Worlds and can only be downloaded exclusively on this website for $3.99. ”

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