When you wake up relaxed, it works as a filter for the rest of the day. You don’t worry about things that aren’t really that important. You are more focused on things that matter and feel confident. That is the result when you do your daily 15 minute morning session. Below you can see how this session is structured.

Song 1
Immediately after you open your eyes you start your session to wake up in a pleasant and relaxed way. Tip: Be sure to set your alarm 20 minutes further in case you fall asleep again. The music starts quietly with a pleasant build-up. You can imagine you are in nature, watch the rising sun with the sound of the birds or water in the distance.

Example: Sunrise feat. Aura Rascón


Song 2
Now that you are awake you let the music take you to an inner world of serenity. An oasis of peace and beauty. Imagine you are somewhere where it is so beautiful that you can really enjoy it and want to come back more often.

Example: Popol Vuh feat. Aura Rascón


Song 3
The last part of the morning session gives you something positive. That could be an inspiration, for example, energy or peace of mind. Increase your frequency by visualizing what you want to achieve and attract everything you need to make it happen. You are ready for a day where you can show the best version of yourself!

Example: Love Out Loud


The morning sessions can be recognized by their odd numbering and this symbol on the cover. They can be downloaded for $3.99 and can be used an unlimited number of times. This also applies to the evening sessions that have special properties with which you can fully apply the 432ZEN Stress Reduction Method ™.

Morning Session | 432ZEN