432ZEN provides the soundtrack of your daily relaxation. A relax bubble in which you can completely unwind. Our 432ZEN Stress Reduction Method consists of a morning and evening session of 15 minutes each.

It is our mission that everyone can try this method free of charge and continue to apply it for better mental health. The unique structure within each session is composed on feeling, energy and effect of the music.

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no stress, just relax


Read some of the positive reactions we got from people who tried our method:

“The Inner Worlds sessions have already given me a lot in a short time: A positive state of mind when getting up, but also during the day it makes me calm. All my life I have been struggling with sleeping problems, so session 2 is very special because I notice that my head is calming, and I look forward to going to bed. No other sleep meditation or music has been able to do that for me yet!"

Melanie Waardenburg
(personal trainer/health coach)

"Loved these sessions - they remind me when I go to a SPA and have a nice and warm cup of tea. I enjoyed particularly session 03, but they are all pretty cool."


“Great experience! The morning session helps me a lot to calm down before facing the day, and also to visualize my goals with greater clarity and optimism. On the other hand, the night session makes me very relaxing, ideal to start sleeping.”

Israel Soteldo
(orchestral conductor/violin player)

"At first, I was skeptical of the idea that music can make you fall asleep. For me, music is something that is energizing. I thought it was spiritual nonsense. Until I tried it: 4 out of the 5 nights I fell asleep without hearing the end of the song. I recommend it!"

Vivianne de Jong
(communications adviser)

My newborn baby was in a lot of pain and stress after a treatment, he was hard to comfort, but calmed down from the first song of the second session. As soon as the second song played, he started crying again. When we skipped back to the first track, we saw him unwind. So nice to see this effect!

Jakomijn Theunisse
(professional therapist)

The listening sessions are one of the easiest ways to get a moment of rest in the day to recharge your battery. Highly recommended!"

Bram van Houtum

Finally I put myself to sleep with this wonderful music! Very relaxing indeed !! Great, I slept like a rose !! Awesome. I did both sessions and really loved it !!

Petra van Trigt
(interior architect)

"Just had the morning session in my ears. Managed to visualize beautiful landscapes and made-up ones as well. Very nice. My children also appeared in some of these settings. It was binding and moving."

Alfred Petrie
(trauma therapist)

“During a busy week my head keeps working overtime and I don't relax when I want to sleep. After I started the evening session I fell asleep more easily which made me enthusiastic. I tried this out in the bedroom with the children at work and it really made them zen! Super!!"

Suzanne Kiel
(daycare worker)

"Even before I open my eyes when I wake up my head is already working overtime. Usually, I start my mornings with a guided meditation, until I got a tip about the 432ZEN morning session. The wonderful sounds allow me to wake up quietly and I can start my day with new energy."

Carola Essers
(experience expert)

"I came into contact with 432ZEN while I was looking for de-stressing music for my trajectory with TBI fellow sufferers. Your mind can let go of things when you hear the 432 Hz tones and you notice that in your body. You become calm and relaxed. Really great!"

Carla Boone
(Stress coach/trainer/experience expert TBI)

“I've been using the music to fall asleep for several months now. It works very well for me, great atmosphere, my mind empties automatically and I fall asleep relaxed. Also for my daughter (11), for whom it can sometimes take a long time before she falls asleep. Thank you!"

Wouter Vlek
(spiritual counselor general hospital)

"I meditate for about 7 years and use music regularly. The music ensures that I drift away quickly, without much effort. The funny thing is that I can hardly think even if I want to. And that's nice if you want to meditate ..."

(fine art painter)

"After a good workout, I relax with this music and continue my day with peace of mind. After a hard day at work or on the road as a representative, it is wonderful to unwind and forget the worries of the day."

Marcel Krusyfix
(account manager The Netherlands)

"I am currently in the hospital rehabilitating after surgery. It is quite hectic here and that makes me restless. Now that I have downloaded your music I have become a lot more relaxed and sleep is also better! Furthermore, it takes my mind off of my situation. I almost forget that I am here. I love it!"

Cindy Sue Coffman
(medical assistent)
432ZEN | No Stress Just Relax