Yes, it can! The way this music is used is a form of music therapy. This is an effective proven method that has been the subject of much research and is successfully used worldwide. If you want to read more about this, click on the link to a study that shows that relaxing music reduces stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure (link).

432Hz has to do with the tuning of the instruments (A3 = 432Hz) The world standard tuning is 440Hz. So the difference is only 8Hz you would say. The geometry of 432Hz vibrations on a water surface however shows a clearer pattern compared to that of 440Hz.

This is because the mathematical relationships in nature are balanced with 432Hz. So the frequency is better for our brain which has a positive effect on our body.

For a detailed explanation, you can watch this video: (Video 1)

Another video relating frequencies with positive effects on the human body can be viewed here: (Video 2)

There are some differences outside of 432Hz that make this music different.

• The music is specially made for use in these sessions.
• It incorporates elements that distract your thoughts, making it easier to focus on imagining.
• The length of the music (on average around 5 minutes per track) provides enough variation within a session.

Try it and you know it! You will receive the first session for FREE including a step by step instruction guide and some tips along the way to get the most out of it. We are working daily to improve and test the effectiveness of this method and so far an average of 7 out of 10 people have achieved a positive result! Start today!

The short version: with less chronic stress you have a stronger immune system.

Slightly longer version: In a short acute form of stress, for example when someone comes into a life-threatening situation where you have to fight or flee, the brain produces two types of stress hormones. One is called adrenaline, and the other is called cortisol. Together they form a healthy combination that gives the immune system a short boost, making us more alert and even healing wounds faster. This type of stress is short-lived, such as a few minutes. With chronic stress where this method is based on, it is caused by our thoughts. We are concerned about our current situation and possible future situation, fears, negative thoughts. Each time these thoughts cause our brain to drip the “tap” with cortisol. And instead of strengthening your immune system, as it does with acute stress in combination with adrenaline, this is very disadvantageous because it weakens your immune system. By installing a relaxation routine in your daily life twice a day, you close that tap with cortisol. If you do this for a longer period it will become easier and the tap will not drip that much anymore.

That’s normal, in fact, it would be exceptional if you get noticeable results right after the first or second time! It varies from person to person when you feel that your stress is slowly decreasing. What is important is that you keep doing it twice a day and make it a habit. The more often you do it, the better and easier it goes and every time feels like a nice warm bath.

When you wake up you want a pleasant start to your day, that’s why the morning session starts quietly with a build-up. After this, the energy in the music starts to increase and you end with positive energy to start your day right.


The evening session, on the other hand, has a different function. After a busy day, your head is full of impressions, thoughts, maybe you worry about certain things. The session starts with a sequence/melody that makes worrying almost impossible because our brains keep following it. After doing this for 5 minutes, your head is ready to relax, the second track provides the rest you need. Then you are ready to get into the right mindset to fall asleep. The third track therefore also contains elements that promote falling asleep.


Since the morning session and the evening session each have their own effect, positive energy for the day and sleep for the night, it is not useful to mix them up. The sessions can be recognized by the symbol on the cover (sun or moon) and by the numbering of the sessions (odd number is morning, even number is evening)

This method of stress reduction is based on imagination. Your body reacts the same to your fantasy/dreams as to reality. Ever wake up after a nightmare sweating with your heart pounding rapidly? The reverse is also a fact. You can also lower your heart rate by imagining that you are somewhere where it is beautiful and peaceful. During this process, the production of the stress hormone cortisol (which weakens the immune system) stops. As an example picture a beach… look at the water, feel the warm sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, the sound of birds, imagine what it would smell like. The more detailed you imagine, the better the effect on your experience and body.

In the morning fifteen minutes before you get out of bed to start your day relaxed and in the evening fifteen minutes before sleeping to calm your brain. If you do this every day, it is enough to make it a pleasant habit to reduce chronic stress. If you are in a stressful period where you need to do this during the day, there is no one to stop you. Do know that this is not a horse remedy for a stress peak, but it can keep the general stress level lower to prevent a stress peak if you make it a habit.

By persevering and not giving up! Stress is the opponent that you are going to beat with this. If you like it, you can access more music and tips to make this a healthy habit.

Yes, the effect is much greater if you listen to the music via headphones. The music is specially made for it. The stereo image is tuned in and by letting the sound come in directly through your ears, the experience is also more intense. Make sure you don’t play the music too soft or too loud. Check your volume to feel what is most pleasant for you.

Headphones where you have a good representation of all frequencies. This is especially important with low frequencies. For example, you can use Beats By Dre or an AudioTechnica ATH-M50X. If you prefer ear-bud style headphones because it feels more comfortable laying down, the SONY MDR-XB50 AP is recommended. But basically, most quality headphones will do.

Yes, we are producing new music for new sessions constantly. Check our Music Downloads section to see what we have sofar. When you’ve subscribed to our newsletter you will automatically be kept up to date about new releases.

Because a session is made up of elements in a particular dosage and order. Some tracks are meant to temporarily suppress your thoughts that cause stress and have elements that distract you. Other tracks have the function of stimulating the imagination or getting your heart rhythm to a more relaxed and healthier tempo. Too much of one thing or another is at the expense of effectiveness. If you want to download the tracks separately look under Music Downloads – Songs

15 minutes is eventually enough when it has become a habit to do. If you are just starting with this and you still have to get used to it, it is advisable to do two sessions after one another.

A session costs $3.99 and, like the free session, is a 15-minute MP3 file that you can download on your phone and use as many times as you want. You can pay safely and easily through several payment options.

Music that promotes falling asleep in long sessions is currently in the research/test phase.

Yes, these are currently in the research/testing phase intending to get even better results compared to the current online offer from other manufacturers.

Usually downloaded files will end up in your download folder. Otherwise, also look in the gallery under audio files.

Yes, that is strongly advised against, we also want to warn you about this because there are elements in the music that ensure that your attention is diverted. Do not play this music in the car or in any other way than prescribed. All risks are for your own account.

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