In addition to the morning session, we have also developed an evening session for our 432ZEN Stress Reduction Method ™ to achieve an optimal result.

Song 1

At the end of the day, your head is ready for rest but often you are still in bed thinking about all kinds of things that keep you busy. That is certainly not useful before going to sleep. You need something to silence the voice of your conscience. After years of experimentation, we have found a solution for this. We’ve added an element to the music that your brain likes to follow just like a cat does with a light on the floor. The beauty of this is that worrying is almost impossible, but your body slowly calms down. What images do you get when listening?
Example: Saturation


Song 2

Now that the sharp edge of worrying is gone, we descend a little further in terms of energy. Time for some quieter sounds with a touch of mystery. The music takes you to areas where thousands of years ago civilizations lived that possessed knowledge about the universe which we still can’t figure out how it was obtained. You are an explorer in your own inner world.

Example: Noctem


Song 3

After calming down a bit, it is now time to get into a preparatory stage of sleep. Better known as the theta state, in which you alternate between the conscious and the unconscious. This music incorporates elements that enhance sleep. Let go of all your thoughts and visualize flying above beautiful areas and only observe how beautiful it is.

Example: Theta


The evening sessions are the even-numbered sessions and this symbol on the cover . These can be downloaded just like the morning sessions for $3.99 and be used an unlimited number of times.

Evening Session | 432ZEN