432ZEN is a unique method of structural relaxation, which you can adjust to your own preferences, to have less stress in your life.

The basis is the music in a 432Hz tuning in which elements are incorporated that have a specific effect on our brain.

The morning session aims to wake up relaxed to start your day with positive energy. The evening session calms your head after a day full of impressions to unwind and help you fall asleep more easily.

Fabian ‘R-CANE’ Schlosser, founder of 432ZEN, and creative jack of all trades in music, film and art, talks about his background and how, after a dramatic event in his life, he managed to climb out of a deep valley by creating this special relaxation music.


It was 1984, I was 12 years old and I already knew I wanted to dedicate my life to making music. Without thinking in genres, I mainly experienced listening to music as something that evoked feelings and emotions in me. While drawing, my other passion, I had a radio/cassette recorder on my desk with which I recorded music and put together my own playlists. It seemed as if time did not exist as I gazed into nothingness, completely absorbed in my own world through the music. Especially synthesizer music and rap appealed to me the most and I decided to start rapping myself. I used a tape recorder with which I literally made a ‘loop’ of an instrumental part of a record to rap over. A few years later I found musicians with synthesizers who helped me make music.

Chasing dreams

My life took a new direction as I became the rapper in a band when I was 19. I gained more experience with the whole process of composing and recording and mixing music. Later I focused more on producing. Although the stage animal in me occasionally came out, there was nothing more beautiful than making music at home in my own space and creating a certain sound that characterizes me as a producer.

It was 1998, I was now working in a CD shop, something I saw as my dream job as a child. I released a number of singles including a cover version with an R&B/hip-hop duo of which a music video was made. In America, agents even sparked interest from a major record label that wanted the single on a soundtrack. A five-album contract was ready to be signed. I was told that I could also work with other artists from the label. I was chasing my dreams!

Shattered Dreams

I received a disturbing call from my manager: “The deal is not going through, despite getting the proper approval from the publisher, the artist’s management is not consent with the interpretation of the original. The label doesn’t want to risk having to take the soundtrack off the market and saw this as the springboard for the career, so no deal without this song!”

My manager insisted we should not just let it slide and found a top entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles. The deposition costs for which I had to borrow money to start a possible case brought me into debt so I had to put an end to it.

Despite the disappointment, I continued to produce music, now under the name R-CANE and became even more experimental by creating different sounds with everyday objects and incorporating them into the music.

A few years later I was out of debt and, in addition to my passion for music, I had also discovered the passion for making promotional films. I achieved success by getting my own rap music in the Hollywood movie ‘The Tournament’.

I was happy with my dream woman, with whom I made wedding plans. Nothing seemed to stand in the way of a bright future.

Until disaster struck: the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with died suddenly and I saw my heavenly dream turn into a hellish nightmare.

The pain and sadness took over and the doctor gave me medicine to remove the sharp edge, on the condition that I would do without after three weeks. Falling asleep was next to impossible and once I fell asleep I dreamed of her only to wake up in the reality of a nightmare. I had to find something else within the three weeks I had to unwind and decided to try some soothing music.

Dream music

The music I found didn’t really help me: it contained elements that bothered me which brought me out of relaxation and back into an uncomfortable feeling of stress. This was the moment I made the decision to start making relaxing music myself. I started searching and archiving sounds that made me feel good. The whole process of working with this music was a soothing experience in itself. I soon had 15 minutes of music, which I listened to on headphones, in bed in the morning just after I woke up. That way I didn’t immediately have to think about pain, sadness and stress.

In the evening I played the same music, but my head was so restless that I just worried right through it. I had to go back to the drawing board to come up with something to calm my mind. By endlessly experimenting with music in combination with the acquired knowledge of the interaction between brain and muscle tension, I succeeded! It turns out that our brains can be distracted by building in certain elements that make worrying almost impossible. Think of it as a cat chasing the light of a flashlight when you shine it on the ground.

As I was carried away by the music during my sessions, I used my imagination to explore my inner worlds. Visualizing also helped me extra to keep my attention away from worrying.

During my search for the ultimate relaxation music, I came across the phenomenon of 432Hz tuning. This was 8Hz lower than what I was used to, but the difference was noticeable in terms of feel. It felt kinder, softer, more natural and soothing. This was the missing piece in the puzzle that made everything complete. The 432Hz tuning has become the basis from that moment on.

Dreams become reality

Now that I had personally experienced the effectiveness of the combination morning and evening session, and was able to reduce my chronic stress, I wanted to know if it worked for others as well. For this I asked people within my circle of friends and social network to give it a try for a week.

The responses I got from them were very positive! Less stress within a week by relaxing daily with my music. Even people with sleep disorders, who had tried everything, achieved positive results. This prompted me to approach therapists and present my method. After a week I received a positive answer that it did have an effect and the request if they could use the music in their practice room!

Dream project

All the experimentation had paid off. The feedback I received made me realize that I should no longer keep this to myself and that I could contribute to the mental health of many people.

432ZEN became a reality and I also knew that I didn’t want to keep making music by myself.

Soon I came into contact with Aura Rascón who really knows how to touch your heart with her bansuri (flute made of bamboo). Shortly afterwards I became acquainted with Dymphi Peeters, who, in addition to playing ngoni and kora (West African stringed instruments similar to a harp), has a great voice with which she sings intuitively and provides voice healing sessions. Some magical songs have already emerged.

Future dream

For 432ZEN I want to realize unique collaborations with musicians/producers worldwide with a clear goal: to create the soundtrack for your daily relaxation bubble!

My dream and mission is to let everyone experience that you can lead a significantly less stressful life when you relax daily with the music of 432ZEN and build it into your routine.

To help people with this, I have developed a one-week continuous Relax Challenge that you can start right away. You get two free sessions and daily tips and inspiration for a week with a schedule to keep track of everything.

In addition to the morning and evening sessions for the Inner Worlds series, where my 3D art under the name Fabian9 can be seen on the cover, there will be more variations such as shorter sessions that you can use any time of the day, binaural beats of which experts say they are very powerful. There will be guided meditations for people who favor them, in short: creating your personal relaxation bubble and a healthier life is now within reach!

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