Fabian “R-CANE” Schlosser, the founder of 432ZEN is a creative jack of all trades in music, film, and art.

His music can be heard in various Hollywood movies, TV series, documentaries, and commercials. He also works with artists from different genres.

In 2011 tragedy struck. His girlfriend, with whom he had made wedding plans, died.
This caused a lot of stress during the grieving process.
He was looking for ways to deal with this. Instead of medication, he tried to reduce stress with calming music.

None of the music he found proved to be of great help. He decided since he was a composer/producer, to make it himself. Entirely on his own feeling and intuition.

The first songs mainly had a good effect in the morning. When you start relaxed, it works as a filter for the rest of the day.

The evening was a different story. His brain was too restless. He kept himself awake unintentionally overthinking everything. The soothing music that worked so well in the morning turned out not to be effective enough in the evening to prevent worrying.

A few experiments later he achieved positive results. By incorporating elements that kept the attention away from worrying, his head got the peace of mind to sleep.

The combination of morning and evening sessions made a noticeable difference to him after a week. He felt his stress level drop. This strengthened him, and he was able to handle everything better. The discovery of using the 432Hz tuning only amplified this effect.

During the sessions, he always imagined that he was somewhere else.
It became a voyage of discovery of inner worlds.
Training his imagination helped him create his art, among other things.

Just because this method worked for him didn’t mean it was the same for others.
He decided in 2019 to ask people to try it out.
Do the morning and evening sessions for a week straight without skipping a session.

The feedback he received was astonishing!

No or little effect
Positive effect

28% noticed few or no changes, with the following reason:

• I don’t like relaxing to music in general
• This is not my type of music
• I need guided meditation for such a thing
• I don’t know how to apply this structurally in my busy life
• I admit, I skipped a session several times

72% (!) Did notice the positive effects of the method:

• Noticeably less stress and more relaxed
• Less nervous/anxious
• Sleep better after having sleep disorders
• Higher concentration
• Start the day with a more positive feeling
• This feels wonderful, I will make this part of my daily routine!

Encouraged by these results, Fabian founded 432ZEN in 2020.

He decided to set up a platform and collaborate with musicians and other producers from all over the world.

All this with one mission: To create the soundtrack for everyday relaxation and to allow people to experience it for themselves!

Download the free session today and try it out yourself!

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