Care To Relax (CTR)

Enhancing Patient Care with Music Therapy


What is Care To Relax (CTR)?

Care To Relax (CTR) is our innovative solution specifically designed for hospital settings. This method integrates the 432ZEN Stress Reduction Method to provide patients with a non-invasive way to reduce stress and anxiety during their hospital stay.

How Does CTR Work?

CTR uses specially designed music sessions to help patients manage their stress independently. These sessions can be easily accessed through bedside terminals or MP3 players provided during the pilot phase, ensuring seamless integration into existing hospital routines.

Benefits for Patients

  • Faster Recovery: By reducing stress and anxiety, CTR promotes quicker recovery times.
  • Pain and Anxiety Reduction: Patients experience reduced perception of pain and anxiety.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Enhances overall well-being and sleep quality, leading to better health outcomes.

Benefits for Hospitals

  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: Improves the overall patient experience and satisfaction.
  • Reduced Workload for Staff: Allows patients to manage their stress independently, reducing the strain on healthcare personnel.
  • Positive Hospital Image: Enhances the hospital’s reputation as a patient-centered care provider.

Pilot Program

Hospitals can join our cost-free pilot program to experience the benefits of CTR firsthand. This program allows institutions to assess the impact on patient care and staff workload, providing valuable insights into the integration of music therapy into hospital settings.

Join Us

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