About Us

Our Story

432ZEN was founded by Fabian Schlosser, a psychoacoustic music producer, after a personal journey exploring the calming effects of music. Recognizing the potential of specially designed music to reduce stress and improve well-being, Fabian dedicated over 12 years to developing the 432ZEN Stress Reduction Method. This method is ready to transform healthcare and therapeutic practices everywhere.

Our Vision

At 432ZEN, our vision is clear: “Every hospital should have access to effective, non-invasive methods for reducing stress and enhancing well-being.
We believe that providing patients with tools to manage their stress will improve health outcomes and create more positive healthcare environments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to integrate our scientifically backed music therapy solutions into healthcare and therapeutic settings, promoting faster recovery, better mental health, and a more pleasant experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

Meet Fabian Schlosser

Fabian Schlosser, the founder and CEO of 432ZEN, is a pioneer in psychoacoustic music production. With a deep understanding of how sound affects the human brain, Fabian has developed a method that leverages specific frequencies, rhythms, and harmonies to induce relaxation and reduce stress. His work is transforming patient care and therapy practices worldwide.









Our Research Focus

432ZEN is deeply committed to advancing the science of music therapy. Our research initiatives explore the effects of psychoacoustic music on various mental health conditions, aiming to develop targeted interventions that improve patient outcomes. By collaborating with leading research institutions, we ensure our methods are grounded in scientific evidence and continuously refined.

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