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What we do

At 432ZEN, we revolutionize patient care and therapeutic practices with uniquely produced psychoacoustic relaxation music. Our innovative approach, backed by over a decade of research, provides effective, non-invasive stress reduction solutions.


Introducing the 432ZEN Stress Reduction Method

Our unique method utilizes specially designed music sessions to alleviate stress and anxiety in patients and clients. This method integrates seamlessly into existing care processes, offering an extra layer of support without additional strain on healthcare personnel.


Our Solution: Tailored for Hospitals

Care To Relax: Designed to enhance patient care in hospitals, this method helps patients independently manage their stress, promoting faster recovery and a better overall hospital experience.


Join Us in Advancing Healthcare

We invite hospitals, therapists, and research institutions to explore the benefits of our methods through our pilot programs. Together, we can improve patient outcomes, enhance therapeutic practices, and push the boundaries of stress reduction research.


Research and Innovation

At 432ZEN, we are committed to advancing the field of music therapy through rigorous research and collaboration. Our ongoing projects and partnerships with leading institutions ensure that our methods are grounded in scientific evidence and continually refined.








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